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Garden Babysitting!

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Buy 7 days get 2 of them for free! Heading out of town and want to make sure your garden doesn't fall victim to pests, disease, or the weather? Or just need a break from the gardening grind? We're here to help with a horticultural touch!

We'll drop by each day to make sure your garden gets the love it deserves!

This service covers:

  • Basic maintenance of watering, weeding, pruning
  • Working to mitigate any pest or disease issues we catch using organic methods

Important notes:

This service does not cover typical landscaping and lawn care tasks (such as mowing, watering grass, leaf-blowing, etc.). It's specifically for caring for sensitive plants.

After checking out, you will receive a form so we can get all of the needed details.

As part of the onboarding form: access to the garden must be set prior to the requested service start date. Examples include open-access, keyed entry (we need a key), or providing us with a gate code. 

This service is for garden sizes totaling less than 2000 square feet. If your garden is larger, please contact us for custom pricing.