A gastrohortibotanical journey.

1 - We install a rented raised bed garden on your property.

Upon checkout, we'll send you a link to schedule time along with a short questionnaire to get all the information we need for installing a raised bed on your property, including what to grow. We'll show up, work with you to find a good space that works for everyone, and then we're off to the races! Our raised garden beds are made out of beautiful, untreated cedar and measure 3 ft. x 6 ft. x 1 ft. (width x length x height).

2 - We make sure it stays happy and healthy.

Our trained gardeners will come by regularly to ensure your bed is appropriately watered, weeded, and pruned. If pests or disease get to it, we take steps to mitigate the issue using organic-only methods.

3 - We educate you.

We provide you with a digital journal, where you can check in on the health of your bed, what we did during each visit, and why we did it. Photos included!

4 - Grow and tell.

Get to know your neighbors. See what other customers in your neck of the woods are growing, how their beds are doing, and trade!