Example raised bed

Enchanting, educational, and easy

Experience the magic of growing your own food without the hassle wherever you are in your gardening journey. We install raised garden beds for you, source delicious and intriguing plants, take care of their regular maintenance, and explain what we’re doing every step of the way.

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A table of freshly picked vegetables from the garden in front of a raised bed.

Next-level ingredients at home

Channel your inner Alice Waters or Thomas Keller (or perhaps Justin Yu or Christine Ha if you’re in Houston). We supply your garden with heirloom varietals significant to the local culture and history that produce crops far better than what can be obtained at your grocery store or farmers market.

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Close up of raised bed with two gardeners working in background

A garden you can rely on

Even if you have a giant green thumb, ensuring a healthy and bountiful output requires constant and almost daily vigilance. Whether it’s aphids, squirrels, fungus—you name it: we’re here to make sure your patch sticks it through! If an extreme event like a hurricane or freeze occurs, full replants, repairs, and replacements are on us.

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"Stellar service and effortless fresh produce in my yard I can pluck throughout the year!"

- Madhavi G. (Montrose, HTX)